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Yoga - The Art of Forced Silence & Peace

This weekend I had the privilege to join the Young Professionals of Minneapolis in their "Yoga in the Park" event at Minikahda Vista Park in St. Louis Park. The event was hosted by YPM and YogaLu - a unique take on bringing the art of yoga to YOU. It has been several months since I last took the time to check in with my inner chakras and find my om, but this particular morning was windy, a bit crisp, and otherwise a wonderful morning to stay in a cozy bed wrapped up in blankets! Once I began to see the faces of old and new friends; however, the wind got warmer, the chill in the air went away, and it was as if sunshine took over the day. After an hour of awkward balancing games with myself, I found myself energized to tackle my day - regardless of may arise.

This particular morning, my 60-minutes of vinyasa proved three things:

1) Who you choose to surround yourself with can either suck the life out of you or they can breath new life into your day,

2) It's always easier to take the more comfortable road and be apathetic about your intentions in life - but if you succomb to that comfort, you also make the conscious effort to relinquish growth, development, and progress, and

3) Silence is good. In a society that boasts productivity, rewards packed schedules, and designed around a fast-paced is so important to remember that silence is good. For in those moments, you get to discover raw truths that otherwise get muddled by the noise.

Special thanks to YPM & Yoga-Lu for putting on this event and allowing me the time to have so many great inner conversations with myself.

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